Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ocean's Basket Restaurant

Still thinking about the juicy, tender and slightly spicy grilled kingclips and giant shrimps in the Ocean's Bucket in Cape Town. Hey, that's where I almost fell in love with that fish. :)

Ocean's Basket is an informal spot that has few competitors in the field of bargain-price, ocean-fresh, well-cooked seafood. One can sit facing the V&A Waterfront, complete with a view of the Table Mountain on the farside, enjoying the juicy, tender, and sucullant grilled catch-of-the-day and sipping some delicous local wines.

Well, that's what I did actually. :) Sometimes, we do live in the dreams!

Safari! Cape Town!! Ready!!!

Bed? Made!
Room? Cleaned!
Plants? Watered!
Passport? In the bag!
Coconuthead? Gathered! One!
Cameras? Packed! Two!
Hat? Shoveled in! Three!
Cute Outfits? Finally nailed down! More than enough!

Hmm...Seems like I am ready to fly over to South Africa today. Excited, a tiny bit nervous, or, maybe I am simply thrilled. :)

I wish dad were here with me on this adventure trip. He would be so excited! Everytime I go on a trip, I remember how dad had always encouraged me to see the world with my own eyes and experience the life with my own heart.

Dad was often a little jealous that mom and I had so much to talk, or gossip in his own words. He once joked that if he were not with us one day, would we ever miss him? The truth is that there is not a single day passing by without us talking about him over the phone and missing him dearly in our hearts. :)